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Section 1

Districtyour full name
Cityyour full name
Registered Name of the Company / Firm / Organizationyour full name
Complete Addressmore details
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Telephone Number (With Area Code)your full name
Fax Number (With Area Code)your full name
Websiteyour full name
Business Legal Entitypick one!
Business Naturepick one!
Business Fieldpick one!
NTN Noyour full name
GST Noyour full name
Chamber of Commerceyour full name
Section 2: Owner Information
Proprietor / Owner Nameyour full name
CNIC No.your full name
Residential Address:more details
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In Business Sinceyour full name
Res. Tel. No.your full name
Mobile Noyour full name
Section 3: Business Outlets
How many outlets of your business & their location?
Outlet Name 1your full name
Outlet Name 2your full name
Outlet Name 3your full name
Outlet Location 1more details
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Outlet Location 2more details
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Outlet Location 3more details
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Oulet 1 Typepick one!
Oulet 2 Typepick one!
Oulet 3 Typepick one!
Section 4: Warehouse
Do you have any warehouse?pick one!
How do you maintain inventory?pick one!
How often you do physical stock taking?pick one!