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Commercial- Solar Power Solution

Alternate and renewable energy source such as solar energy for any commercial venture is the need of the hour as the electricity tariff is ever increasing and the difference between the supply and demand is ever widening.

We at Areebah not only offer you the best possible solution for your high-energy consumption requirements and control the increasing operational costs, but also provide you an opportunity of the best investment a business with an un-shaded roof can make.

The cost of solar power is way much cheaper than every increasing cost of electricity form the grid. Plus feed-in tariffs are usually available for surplus solar electricity businesses send into the grid. Your solar installation makes it easy to lower down your business’s operational costs and plan for the future energy requirements. We help you transform your available space into a sustainable source of energy.

Premier Energy provides following Grid Tied solutions to commercial clients:
Starting from 32kw upto 10MW Systems

Making Every Kw Count.
Our innovative monitoring system enables quick identification of problems before they occur.
Every installation must pass our strict quality and safety checklist.
We guarantee routine maintenance support for the duration of the contract.
We conduct a comprehensive energy audit and design a system tailored to your energy needs and use patterns.

Apart from the above mentioned systems (readily available for installation) Areebah’s Technical Team Experts specialize in creating customized proposals as per the customer’s requirements. This customization allows Areebah Technology to broaden its customer base and also adds to the knowledge base as the technical team handles challenges and difficulties related to customization in design

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