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Extended Battery Solution

Areebah Technologies new integrated and innovative battery power solution is based on unified platform, this solution is very suitable for the area with no, poor, or unstable grid power, including new site construction or existing site transformation.

By parterning with industry best, we offer a comprehensive line of batteries in a number of formats specifically designed for demanding indoor and outdoor Telecom, Cable, Traffic, Security and Renewable Energy applications. In addition to the Gel battery line, Areebah also offers AGM and specialty batteries that support multiple applications while offering extended runtime and warranty options.

Superior working life and reliability, full replacement, non-prorated warranty and provide years of expected life and trouble-free performance.

Low CAPEX, fuel saving is 50% – 60%, and generator operating time reduced sharply by 50%-70%, compared with traditional duel DG solution.
  • Battery Technologies include AGM, Advanced AGM, GEL, Lead Carbon and Li-ion
  • v2V, 6V, 12V and 48V modules valuable in all ranges

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