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Industrial - Solar Power Solution

Industries have Heavy load requirements and they generally have a large available area. This makes solar a perfect energy solution for industries. Increase in the share of renewables in energy portfolio is another incentive for many big industries for using ‘industrial solar power’.

This helps them meet their RPOs (Renewable Purchase Obligations). Industries can generate solar power using an in-house solar plant or through an off-site solar farm.

The produced solar energy then powers normal operations of the plant like lighting, ventilation and equipment power supply. Industrial solar power plants can also be equipped with a battery storage system to provide back-up power and maximise solar usage. Solar power plants also help in reducing overall cost of energy for industries.

Areebah Energy is an experienced Industrial solar solution provider with a proven track record and technical expertise. We can also provide you the best consultancy to meet your industrial energy needs using solar.

Areebahr Energy provides the following Grid Tied turnkey solutions to its industrial customers: Starting from 32KW upto 10MW Systems

Flat Roof

Flat roof is the best option to place solar panels /modules if your site have flat roof then there are several options to place solar panels .Our experts team analyze your industrial structure and preferred you the best most cost-effective system.

Flexible Solar Panels

Our solar panels have low weight and flexible which looks attractive on your flat roof tops.Our solar panels which we installed on your flat roofs by using a support structure.The support structure made by aluminium or weather resisting mattels.

Lots of industries have slanted roof tops for which Areebah offers mounting solar solutions. Areebah Energy can provides Build in Photovoltaic Systems. Solar Panels can also be installed on facades of buildings or into the walls.

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