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Most Compatible High-Quality T8 Replacement

Integrated T8 LED Tube Rod & Light

Areebah Integrated T8 Tube Light & Rod is the new luminaire range for universal lighting in offices and public buildings. Thanks to its diversity of variants it finds use in highly different applications ranging from classic offices with VDU workstations and educational facilities to break rooms and ancillary rooms. The basis for its harmonious light and high visual comfort is the Optical Core System. It is suitable for new lighting systems and as an efficient replacement for conventional systems with lighting.
Model No.WattsSizeLuminousPower FactorTransparencyColor
Integrated - Tube Rod9W2 FT900ML>0.583.87%Warm/Cool
Integrated - Tube Rod18W4 FT1800ML>0.583.87%Warm/Cool
Integrated - Tube Light9W2 FT900ML>0.583.87%Warm/Cool
Integrated - Tube Light18W4 FT1800ML>0.583.87%Warm/Cool
Lighting Technology
Integrated LED Tube Light / Rod consists of a combination of high technology LEDs, reflector technology and peripheral light-guiding structures (Light Guide). This combination achieves very good glare reduction values with light distribution optimized for office applications. Light Guide Technology ensures high visual comfort, achieves a brilliant appearance and minimizes the subjective impression of light by expanding the emitting surface.
Installation Guide

Suitable for a variety of general lighting applications such as restaurants, hotels, homes, schools, shops and offices.

  • 85% more energy efficient compared to conventional Lighting
  • Longer life; last upto 15 years
  • Shock and vibration proof
  • Reduced installation time & cost
  • Operating voltage; 90~265VAC
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