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Elegant Series - LED Bulb

Areebah‘s Elegant LED bulbs are direct replacements to current incandescent lamps. These LED bulbs offer outstanding light performance while significantly reducing energy consumption, maintenance and energy cost.
Model No.WattstypeInput VoltageKelvinLuminous LuxBase Type
A45-AE033WA45AC90~265V3000K-65000K300LME27 - B22
A50-AE055WA50AC90~265V3000K-65000K500LME27 - B22
A35-AE035W (Candle Light)A35AC90~265V3000K-65000K500LME27 - B22
A55-AE077WA55AC90~265V3000K-65000K700LME27 - B22
A60-AE1212WA60AC90~265V3000K-65000K1200LME27 - B22
A70-AE1212WA70AC90~265V3000K-65000K1200LME27 - B22
A60-AE1212WA60AC90~265V3000K-65000K1200LME27 - B22
A80-AE1818WA80AC90~265V3000K-65000K1800LME27 - B22
A95-AE2323WA95AC90~265V3000K-65000K2300LME27 - B22
A120-AE3030WA120AC90~265V3000K-65000K3000LME27 - B22
A140-AE5050WA140AC90~265V3000K-65000K5000LME27 - B22
Efficient Heat Dissipation
The four additional cooling vent design significantly improves the bulb’s life time and performance level by maintaining a low temperature working environment within the bulb.We use a thick layer of aluminum for the bulb body to more efficiently absorb heat from LED chip while working.

Suitable for a variety of general lighting applications such as restaurants, hotels, homes, schools, shops and offices.

Technical Features
  • 85% energy saving comparing to incandescent bulb
  • Longer life; last upto 15 years
  • Shock and vibration proof
  • Smart, elegant and extra compact size
  • Operating voltage; 90~265VAC
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