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Elegant Series - LED Down Light

The LED downlight is remarkably sustainable lighting solutions that consume much less energy than halogen lights. The advanced technology associated with these lamps offers energy efficiency and high performance. Unlike traditional lighting that needs to be replaced regularly, led downlight is durable and last up to 50,000 hours, which means there is no back light.
Lighting Technology
Frosted cover for homogeneous light distribution wide distribution (2x 45°). LED with cool/warm white color temperature and two luminous flux packages; CRI greater than 80 (replacement for downlights with compact fluorescent lamps 9/10W or halogen lamps 20/35W).

Internal driver adopts imported IC with function of high-precision Auto-adjustment constant current, which offers more stable and reliable constant current to make current change slight and conversion efficiency higher.

Technical Features

Suitable for a variety of general lighting applications such as restaurants, hotels, homes, schools, shops and offices.

Technical Features
  • 85% more energy efficient compared to conventional Lighting
  • Longer life; last upto 15 years
  • High quality plastic for housing to ensure best thermal conductivity
  • No Mercury, No UR/IR radiation in light
  • Full window illumination – deliver comfortable light with excellent uniformity
  • Easy to install & uninstall on ceiling
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