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Innovative LED Flood Light

Areebah offers a range of new innovative floodlight series that lets you choose the exact number of lumens you need for your application. Designed around state-of-the-art LEDs and extremely high-efficiency optics, this very competitive solution offers an industry-leading lux per euro ratio and significant energy savings. It is easy to install and perfect for replacing conventional light-points as it uses the same electrical installation and poles.
Model No.WattsInput VoltageLuminousPower FactorColor
AE-FDL10W10W90~265V950LM> 0.5Warm/Cool
AE-FDL50W50W90~265V4750LM> 0.5Warm/Cool
AE-FDL100W100W90~265V9500LM> 0.5Warm/Cool
Designed for 1:1 retrofit, perfect for replacing conventional technology retaining the same electrical installation and poles

Highly competitive solution offering an outstanding lux/euro ratio and energy savings

Offering a large variety of lighting needs from recreational sport, areas and even road and steet , by providing a variety of optics used in the range


Suitable for a variety of general lighting applications such as Open plan office, Hospital, Meeting/Training room, restaurants, hotels, homes, schools, retail and other commercial applications

Technical Features
  • Lamp-house: Good tempered glass, heat-resistant, shock-resistant, high transmittance.
  • Columnar-structured heat radiator to dissipate heat from all directions
  • Performance stability, high IP rating of water-proof and dust-proof.
  • Easy to install & uninstall on ceiling
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