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Outdoor Telecom Power Cabinets - IP55

Now all the power you need is right where you need it.

Our solutions are fully customized and tailored made as per the customer requirements which provide flexibility to end user to opt the best solution for their network.


The DDTE011 OUTDOOR INTEGRATED TELECOM CABINET is mainly used in wireless communication base station, such as 3G system, communication/network integrated service, access/transmission switching station, emergency communication/transmission, etc.

General Features
  • Protection level: IP55 & above
  • Compact design, easy to deploy
  • Variety of thermal management options
  • Cooling system equipped in door, easy to maintain
  • Strong anti-theft structure, satisfy European standard
  • HEX [Heat Exchanger]
  • 24VDC / 48VDC Operated Air Conditioner
  • 110VAC / 220VAC Operated Air Conditioner

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