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Residential - Solar Power Solution

We offer a range of residential solar systems after applying years in research and development to make them as efficient as possible. Our residential systems include both on-grid and battery backup based solar energy solutions.

Our technological experts have designed intelligent solar energy management and storage systems for every household using state-of-the-art technology and most reliable components. Our battery based Intelligent Solar Energy Management System (ISEMS) ensures that your solar power is available to you day and night.

Nearly 75% of your annual electricity consumption is covered with self-generated clean energy. You need very little electricity from Wapda and are protected against ever increasing energy prices. Your independent energy is reliable and always available. Our range of flexible, modular and expandable systems offer solutions to suit every household. We offer Custom Solutions based on your requirements, available roof space and budget.

SolutionSolar PanelInverterProductionCash Back
5KVA1601> 8,000 units per year< 4 years
10KVA3201> 16,000 units per year< 4 years
15KVA4801> 24,000 units per year< 4 years
20KVA6401> 32,000 units per year< 4 years
25KVA8001> 40,000 units per year< 4 years

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Our engineers will design your system and provide installation.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your long-term solar savings!

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Apart from the above mentioned systems (readily available for installation) Areebah’s Technical Team Experts specialize in creating customized proposals as per the customer’s requirements. This customization allows Areebah Technology to broaden its customer base and also adds to the knowledge base as the technical team handles challenges and difficulties related to customization in design

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