Areebah offers a wide range of LED Lighting Products for Residential, Commercial and Industrial consumers, that includes LED Bulbs, Panel Lights, Tube Lights, Flood lights, street Lights,  High Bay & Low Bay lights. LED Lighting range has been developed to operate at very low voltages while delivering utmost output and maximum energy savings.

LED Lighting | Bulbs

Candle LED Bulb
LED Bulb

LED Lighting | Panel Lights

Recessed Panel Light (Round)
Recessed Panel Light (Square)
Surface Mount Panel Light (Round)
Surface Mount Panel Light (Square)
Panel Light (1x4)
Panel Light (2x2)
Panel Light (2x4)
Down Light

LED Lighting | Tube Lights

T8 Integrated Tube Light
T8 Split Tube Light
Batten Light

LED Lighting | Street & Flood Lights

Flood Light
Street Light (Elegant Series)
Street Light (Dolphin Series)

LED Lighting | Bay Light

Crown High Bay Light
UFO High Bay Light