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Renewable Energy - Solar Power Solution

The Solar industry landscape in Pakistan is largely disparate. Thus Solar Solutions offered by different Players are not the same. Solar energy is a long-term investment. Our team provides bankable, innovative, and reliable end to end solar energy solutions to our esteemed customers. We offers higher reliability and also protects your investment.

Services we offer

Facility / Site Management
  • Solar module cleaning service
  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Wear & Tear Repairs
  • Weather station cleaning
  • Control room cleaning
Technical Management Services
  • Complete system check-up
  • Combiner box cleaning & maintenance
  • Inverter Management & Maintenance
  • Equipment Break down calls
  • In-field electrical service
  • Lightening arrester checking
  • Equipment Calibration
  • UPS & battery management
  • Earth & grounding inspection
  • Monitoring system & SCADA maintenance
  • Weather station Inspection + maintenance
Plant Performance Management
  • Facilities / Site management
  • Technical Management
  • Real time monitoring & reporting
  • Performance evaluation
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Warranty administration & Insurance
  • Vendor Coordination & management
  • Monthly, quarterly & yearly generation reports
  • Spare management
  • System Removal & Replacement
  • Managing break down calls
  • Faulty equipment replacement
  • Outage scheduling, Shutdown Management

Key Benifits

Our Smart Solar solutions begins with a solid foundation. We provide energy estimation and financial modeling, site visualizations,interconnection assessments, civil planning, and Approvals / Permissions Liasoning for greenfield utility-scale projects. We also provide secure site control.
Detailed knowledgeable civil and electrical engineering is the core of solar that unlocks and sustains superior long-term performance and value. From hydrology studies & plans to civil and structural design, and from array layouts to single line diagrams for interconnection, learn more about our full suite of advanced engineering services.
We conceive your dream energy solution from idea to reality. The the quality of a project can only be as good as the firm building it. From our safety record to our project management experience to unmatched performance guarantees, we build a sustainable solar solution with world class standards and practices
Our commitment to you is long term and the journey doesn’t end when a project interconnects and goes live. Once your project has been constructed and is operational, we shall manage the asset for the duration of the system’s life. Attentiveness, quick response and cost control; these Characterize our O&M.

Operation & Maintenance

We provide O&M services to our customers as the culmination of our end-to-end solar solutions, which includes engineering, procurement and construction, as well as project financing and a workmanship warranty. Our commitment to you is long term. We design and install our solar solutions to last no less than 20 years and offer flexible O&M services with differing levels and cost structures. You can commission the service for the expected life of the system — or beyond. Our O&M mantra is Attentiveness, quick response, flexibility and cost control for our trusted customers.
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