Powering a smarter, brighter future

Innovation, Quality and Customer Support!

Powering a smarter, brighter future

Providing Innovative & Sustainable Solutions

Areebah Technologies takes pride in its R&D capabilities, spirit of exploring innovation and commitment to manufacture cutting-edge lifestyle electrical products that meet the needs and expectations of new age consumers.
Areebah’s Quality Policy is to continually improve the processes, products and services to deliver solutions of the highest value, thereby providing a competitive advantage to the clients.
We work with our customers to make sure timelines are kept to what was agreed upon, weather and scheduling permitting. We want our customers to feel confident that they can depend on us when they need us. We have dedicated customer service representatives to take calls and who take care of them. There is always someone here to answer your questions and help when you need it.
Building The Future, Restoring The Past


Manufacturing Facility

We've hand-picked manufacturer-direct LED products specifically engineered for top performance in commercial and industrial lighting applications, and we offer them to you at the lowest possible price.


Areebah warehouse is built with the highest quality system and state of the art network security. all operations like storage, distribution, and other services are centrally managed what add value to both the business and customers.

Lighting OEM Services

For ODM, we’re offering our large R&D, and manufacture experience for the customizing of your products. For OEM, our separated OEM department offers you excellent services, and patented unique designed products.
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