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Areebah Lightings

Areebah offers a wide range of LED Lighting Products for Residential, Commercial and Industrial consumers, that includes LED Bulbs, Panel Lights, Tube Lights, Flood lights, street Lights,  High Bay & Low Bay lights. LED Lighting range has been developed to operate at very low voltages while delivering utmost output and maximum energy savings.

Areebah Automatic Voltage regulators

Areebah offers a wide range of AVR Products from 500VA to 100KVA to safegaurd your valuable appliances & utilities from Low Grid Voltages & Power fluctuations. Regulators are specially designed based on the application & categorizations of existing power infrastructure of Pakistan.

Low Voltage Electrical Components:

Areebah technologies is an authorized businesss partner in Pakistan for CHINT & LS. Both enjoys number 01 ranking in China & Korea respectively,  with their patent products & ever growing financial turnovers.

Solar Power System

Areebah technologies exhibits expertise in designing, integration, deployment & expansion of Solar & Hybrid power systems at any scale & configuration. From domestic users to commercial applications, we shall propose hybrid solutions fitting best in your requirements & scenarios with renowned & technically sound integrator.


Areebah technologies integrates in their systems Lithium-ion, Narada Power, GS Yuasa & Crystalline LEAD acid batteries ensuring desired Power, Energy & cyclic life. 2V, 6V,12V & 48V systems are available depending upon your applications; Rectifier, UPS, Solar systems or any-other customized requirement.

Hybird Power solutions

Areebah technologies integrates  multiple systems like; Solar, Wind, AC or diesel Generator set in any configuration both for Grid-tied & OFF-Grid  applications. Customized Systems are  designed as per energy & power requirements & existing site scenarios with renowned system integrators ensuring smooth power & system reliability over lifetime.

News & Events

Powertech transforms into Areebah Technologies

By | March 11th, 2016|

Powertech was one of the leading power solution provider since1990. The expansion and evolution of the brand was the requirement of the industry, to deliver a sharp and cutting edge technology. Now we are areebah. 

Areebah’s commercial offering

By | March 11th, 2016|

Areebah is now in consumer market to deliver sharp and outclass products in a simple, stylized and professional way.

Launching grid free solar power solution

By | March 11th, 2016|

For industries we are launching soon a complete grid free solar power solution.